About Epic Limousine Services

Epic Limousine Services’ mission is to be the leader in luxury transportation services by providing the highest quality ground transportation available at an affordable price. We offer a 100% on time service guarantee. If we are ever more than 15 minutes late for a pickup at your home or office in the South Florida area without calling or coordinating with you, your next ride is on us. We also offer excellent customer service, one of the biggest and best selection of beautiful vehicles in the area, and we can cover all South Florida, from the Keys to Orlando.

At Epic Limousine Services, we understand that our success is built upon yours. We are devoted to every aspect of our business and expect a higher standard from our team. Our reason to exist is to provide our clients with the ultimate in luxury, security and reliability. Getting you where you want to go – when you want to go, with ultra-comfort and style – this is what Epic Limousine Services is all about.

What truly sets us apart is the total Epic experience – we put an entire company, not just a vehicle and chauffeur at your disposal. Our dedicated Client Services Team is on call 24 hours a day, prompt and courteous 365 days per year. Working from our global operations center, they use our flight tracking software, GPS tracking and computerized reservation system to meet all your ground transportation needs.

We have affiliate alliances with other 500 companies in the country and worldwide, and we can cover your transportation needs from beginning to end. Everyone at Epic Limousine Services cares about our clients. We take pride on the high, consistent quality of our services, and it shows in everything we do.

  • Chauffeur Training
    Our professional chauffeur staff is among the most highly trained in the industry. The process of becoming a chauffeur at Epic Limousine Services, begins with a two stage interview process in which the candidate must provide a thorough resume, a clean driving record through the DMV, pass toxicology screening, and successfully pass a criminal background check.

    Once accepted, the candidate must also show to be proficient in mapping, complete the LCT Chauffeur Training Program and be qualified on the procedures of The Executive Chauffeuring School Inc.

    The chauffeur candidate then further undergoes training with our Lead Chauffeur on the operations of the Epic Limousine Services fleet of vehicles in which they are authorized to drive. Trainees drive frequent routes, visit common locations and audition with our staff members as if they were actually working with clients. Once approved for duty the training and improvement continues as each of our staff members is evaluated annually. Epic Limousine Services also conducts a Mystery Rider Program to ensure strict compliance with our exceptional service delivery standards.

  • Backgrounds
    Chauffeurs are enrolled in our random toxicology test program. All Chauffeurs are also enrolled in the Department of Motor Vehicles Pull Notice Program as a condition of employment. This allows Epic Limousine Services to be aware of any change to a chauffeur driving record immediately.

  • Licensing
    Epic Limousine Services is licensed by the Miami/ Dade and Broward/Hallandale Beach Counties Department of Consumer Affairs under Licenses number 7156959/_____/13-00007434/14-00007434 Epic Limousine Services, LLC works diligently to remain in strict compliance with all regulations governing the ground transportation industry. Epic Limousine Services is also fully insured in excess of the statutory requirements. Epic Limousine Services is also licensed to work at Miami International Airport, Fort Lauderdale International Airport, Port of Miami and Port Everglades. Epic Limousine Services thoroughly checks the credentials of its affiliates around the country to assure that they are in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.